Wish Upon A Dish: Another Great Sandwich, all the way from Italy

February 18, 2012

Another Great Sandwich, all the way from Italy

When I saw this sandwich on the cover of a Food and Wine magazine, I ripped off the plastic, and went right to the featured recipe. Here I thought I had grabbed the most recently mailed and had to laugh when the spine read October 2010.

Well, true to form, I ran out and bought, if not the exact ingredients, the closest I could find, to grill this little beauty.

I bought prosciutto and talleggio, made roasted slices of eggplant (for mine) and got a good solid country white wheat loaf from Panera's. I did not want the mortadella from my Shop-Rite, I will go to an appropriate Salumeria for that, so I bought what I could get my hands on. Like Mario says in the video, this is about the relationship of the bread and the grill.

I am glad I went to Panera's for my bread, and happy I chose the one I did. I know The Nudge and I know what he likes in a grilled cheese, and a hearty, crusty Italian Semolina Loaf is not for his sandwich. He likes a dense soft country white bread.
Panera's makes a White Wheat Country Loaf that was perfect and I also went with the suggestion to slice the loaf into Texas Toast-sized slices. I immediately thought French Toast for Sunday.....yum

I would have made my own bread but eventually I will master a good dense country bread, hopefully by next time I put these on the menu (which will be soon).

If your family is a fan of grilled cheese, and you make it at least 2x a month, try this....please.

I made a spread using prepared horseradish sauce (instead of yogurt), Dijon mustard and honey. I wanted a little sweet/spicy in there and this worked well.

Since I always include a vegetable, I added a layer of roasted eggplant in mine. It was really, really, reaaaally good.

I seem to be on an eggplant kick this month. Is it possible to crave eggplant?

Best grilled ham and cheese I ever, ever ate. I will NEVER go back to sliced ham and American cheese again, I know The Nudge agrees. I will make an Italian out of him yet.

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Mary said...

That truly is a great looking sandwich. It is very early here. I should be thinking oatmeal, but I'm not :-). I hope you have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary